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Short Distances to Long Gaps in Health: Babies born just miles apart in St. Louis face up to 12 year difference in life expectancy

A North St. Louis County life expectancy map released today (August 3) by researchers at the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Center on Society and Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) illustrates that opportunities to lead a long and healthy life can vary dramatically by neighborhood. If you travel less than 11 miles north from Jennings to Old Jamestown, life expectancy can differ by as much as 12 years.

VCU identified For the Sake of All as one of four organizational efforts underway in St. Louis to address the many factors that shape health and contribute to life expectancy. Click here to download the For the Sake of All Discussion Guide & Action Toolkit on Investing in quality neighborhoods for all in St. Louis. These brief and accessible publications will give you:

  • A background on the history and impact of segregation in St. Louis
  • Evidence-based strategies for promoting healthy neighborhoods
  • Discussion questions you can use when talking with your friends and colleagues about creating quality neighborhoods
  • Action steps you can take to educate yourself, get involved, and advocate for healthy neighborhoods for all

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