verb. Health Equity Works for entire communities by making them healthier, more inclusive, and more sustainable.

noun. Health Equity Works is an active foundry where information and ideas are transformed into collaborative action that advances health equity.

Welcome to Health Equity Works

We are the new website for the Washington University initiative originally called For the Sake of All. We officially changed our name to Health Equity Works on June 28, 2018.

We remain committed to our research and collaborative work accelerating health equity in St. Louis. We envision that our ongoing work in St. Louis can be a model for the nation. Read more.

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Coming soon: A Toolkit for school leaders to build healthy schools

Learn the latest on our work to help school district leaders construct healthier school communities that foster student success. The Together for Healthy and Successful Schools Toolkit supported by a $1.1 million grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Learn more.

St. Louis spotlight: Area schools are transforming classrooms with trauma-informed and restorative practices.