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Harvard class designs solutions for housing segregation in St. Louis

A recent St. Louis on the Air broadcast and article by Kelly Moffitt of St. Louis Public Radio highlights Harvard professor Daniel D’Oca’s urban planning and design project in which students created accessible solutions to address fair housing and urban segregation in the City of St. Louis.

Led by Professor D’Oca, graduate students at the Harvard University School of Design studied the history of housing policy in St. Louis and specifically how segregation contributed to the events in Ferguson in the summer of 2014. He and the students then took a field trip to St. Louis to meet with prominent community groups, including Forward Through Ferguson, to gather information and perspectives.

Students in the class are now developing the design projects, aimed at “affirmatively furthering” fair housing in St. Louis and sharing them in the St. Louis community. Projects range from a curriculum on the history of segregation to a graphic novel on racial zoning ordinances. Learn more about the projects here.

Read the full article and listen to the broadcast here.

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